Crazy Dino Park FAQ


Follow the rules and play fair!

At Infinite Dreams, we do believe in Fair Play. Everyone should follow accepted rules in order to compete on equal terms.

We do prohibit the use of third party software that may consist of unapproved apps that manipulate gameplay. By altering game functionality, third party software aims to provide unfair advantages. This includes hacks, mods, bots, and other programs that aim to modify or provide unearned progress.

Trying to gain an unfair advantage by using prohibited 3rd party software may result in a ban for any offending account.

To enforce Fair Play rules, we are continually monitoring suspicious accounts and disabling them. Play fair!

How to securely store my game progress?


If the iCloud account is properly configured on your device, then the game progress is automatically stored in the iCloud servers and can be restored at any time.


Your progress will be automatically stored in the cloud after logging into Google Play Games in your device options.

How to restore or sync my game progress?

Have you reinstalled the game? Changed your device? Are you playing on two devices? It may happen that you need to restore or sync your game progress.


As you play, the game progress is automatically stored in iCloud (assuming the iCloud account is configured correctly). When you reinstall the game and log in to iCloud again, your progress will be automatically restored.


As you play, the game progress is automatically stored in Google Play. When you reinstall the game and log into your Google Play account again, your progress will be automatically restored.

Player ID

A player ID is a number that is unique to your account – this allows our support team to identify your account.

You can find your ID in the game settings at the bottom of the screen.
Player ID is also displayed at the bottom of the screen while the game is loading.

We recommend take note of your Player ID in case you lose access to your device or lose your progress.

General Gameplay

How to develop a dinosaur’s pen?

Click on the board at the front of the pen and tap on the green button “upgrade”.

Where to find the Wawel Dragon?

Dragon Wawel can be acquired during the special “Race of Explorers” expeditions. The event is available when you see a helicopter on the helipad. It’s usually available twice a week for 18 hours. Wawel Dragon is one of the creatures that can be found on those expeditions.

How to use the trampoline

The trampoline helps increase the strength, speed, and endurance of your dinosaurs. Tap on it, and choose a dinosaur to boost. When the workout is started, you can speed it up by using gems or watching ads. When it is finished, your dinosaur is powerful for a limited time.

How to sell bones by the trashcan monster belly

It’s easy! Pick a chest that has bones that you can sell. Move the redundant bone towards the trash bin monster, and tap on the button to agree with the price.

How to start a crazy disco party?

Every weekend you can amuse your guests with a fantastic party. Wait till DJ arrive, and tap on his console. Every weekend is a new music style!

How to play in mini-game?

This feature appears when you meet unique conditions, and it’s a random character. We can reveal that the game may appear if you develop your park and reach level 25. Perhaps the gameplay will help you in times when you barely make ends meet.

How to upgrade your dinosaurs?

To create an upgraded dinosaur, you need to merge two dinosaurs of the same kind and same level. To do that, tap and hold on one of the dinosaurs, slide your finger over the other one, and release your finger. Done! You’ve just created a new, upgraded dino.

How to hide a gift in your friend’s Dino Park?

First, you need to visit your friend’s Dino Park. To do this, go to the leftmost screen (BATTLE ARENA) and tap on the “RANKINGS” icon (the golden goblet). Tap on the “FRIENDS” tab and select the friend you want to visit. From the window that popped up, tap on “VISIT” button. At the bottom right corner, you will find the icon of a gift. Once you tap on it, you will automatically hide your gift somewhere in a park. Your friend has 24 hours to find it.

On each day, you can send one gift and receive three gifts from your friends.

How to break the Piggybank?

Chipped gems from the excavations are being fixed in Piggybank’s belly. Once you have at least 150 gems collected, you can break the Piggybank and get all of them.  To do it, you need to purchase a special in-app in the shop menu of the game.

Why is my ticket booth not generating any funds?

If you launch the game after a while and see no coins to be collected in your ticket booth, it probably means that you are offline. You need to be online to receive funds that have been accumulated while your game was not running. Also some timers (for hatching eggs, expeditions, upgrades etc.) will not count if you play offline. We highly recommend to play the game with the internet connection!

How to enlarge the TREASURY and coin bar?

The coin bar represents the capacity of your treasury. If there is something that costs more than you can gather, it means it’s time to upgrade your treasury level!

Remember, expanding your ticket booth isn’t enough to increase your coin bar capacity. Go to the location with the hatchery (egg incubator), treasury, and others. Please tap on the TREASURY (it looks like a safe box) and choose the update button.

How can I use explosives?

Dynamite is a very effective tool to get more bones out of every expedition. To use a stick of dynamite, you need to purchase the explosive trailer in your hangar. Every trailer has 20 dynamites – once you use all of them, you need to purchase another trailer. Dynamite can blow up neighboring rocks, making every expedition more effective. To use dynamite, drag-drop it to an empty field and see how it blows!

The other way to detect precious bones is radar. Put it on one of the rocks and observe how the waves will show the exact spot where you can find the bone. It’s an effective and less destructive method.

Use your dynamites and radars wisely! The price of the explosive trailer and detection machines will go up by 1000 coins after each purchase. Use dynamites and radars only as a support tool when you think it’s really needed!

Why some dinosaurs have different colors?

Some dinosaurs can have different colors. Those are very rare, epic kind of dinosaurs that can only be acquired through a hatched egg. You can’t combine the epic dinosaur with an ordinary one, but you can obviously combine two epic dinosaurs with each other. Epic dinosaurs are stronger and better! 🙂

How to change national flag in Arena battles?

It is not possible to change the national flag manually, but we take the regional settings of your device and display the national flag according to that. It may vary depending on your operating system version but as a general rule on iOS it’s the region and on Android it’s language selection.

How can I get more gems?

You can buy them in the shop, earn through in-game objectives, complete daily quests or find on the excavations.

Whatever you do, please remember that gems are very valuable resources so use them wisely!


How can I add a friend to my list?

To add a friend to your list, please ask for their PlayerID. The PlayerID is displayed at the bottom-left corner of the settings menu and looks like this: #aa-aa11-11aa.

Once you have your friend’s PlayerID, open the “RANKINGS” menu (the golden goblet on the Arena screen) and select leftmost tab. Tap on the “+” icon at the bottom and enter the PlayerID. If the number is correct, you’ll be able to add your friend to your rankings and you’ll see their name on the list.

You are ready to compare scores and play Friendly Matches!

How to find more VIPs?

As your park is getting more popular you may notice that VIPs are visiting your park. Quickly find them and add to your collection! You’ll also receive some coins as a reward.

PRO tip: those special events with VIPs are more likely to happen when you are low on coins.

Dinosaur missing from a pen?

From time to time you may notice that there is a special, unexpected event in the Park. For example the dinosaur may be on the loose or human can fall into the pen. Act quickly and don’t get distracted, find the missing dino or rescue the human visitor and you’ll be rewarded with coins.

Race of Explorers

Race of Explorers is a special event that will be held occasionally and can be unlocked by all the players that are at least at level 40. The availability of the event can be checked by looking at the helipad in the park. Once available, Race of Explorers sends players to a remote island where they all participate in search for the bones of the exclusive creatures. The island is pretty small – be quick and collect the bones before other players!

What are the circular waves in the Race of Explorers?

That’s your bone detector indicating a bone is nearby. Small circle means the bone is one tile away (also diagonally) from the place you’ve digged in. Large circle means the bone is two tiles away. Use triangulation to better determine the exact spot.

Battle Cards

Battle Cards are your best friends in Arena Battles. Use them to enable special abilities during the fight. Some cards work on all dinosaurs participating in the battle while other affect only your creatures. Use your cards wisely as each card can only be used once. You can use up to 3 cards in a single battle. Battle Cards can be found on Remote Expeditions.

Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a time limited event that promotes teamwork in reaching certain goals. To start a challenge you need to join an existing team or create a new one. To join a team – type its name exactly in the “Team Name” field (case sensitive). To create your own team – type in a unique name and invite your friends by sharing your team’s name. Changing teams or team names is not possible during a challenge. Inviting friends from within the game is currently not possible. Please use your messaging app, text or email.

Remember! The Team Challenge lasts 24 hours!

How to visit a friend’s Park?

To visit your friend’s Dino Park, go to the leftmost screen (BATTLE ARENA) and tap on the “RANKINGS” icon (the golden goblet). Select the “FRIENDS” tab and select the friend you want to visit. From the window that popped up, select the “VISIT” option.

Please note that the state of your friend’s Park may be a bit behind their current progress, due to the synchronization delay.

What are Seasons?

Seasons are periods during which the players participating in online Battle Arena are ranked against each other on the Leaderboards.

With the beginning of the first Season, all the players have their trophies reset to 0 and are awarded with corresponding number of gems. This way all players can enter Seasonal leaderboards with equal chances.

Once a Season is over, the accumulated player’s trophies will be halved and, again, the player will be rewarded with gems, based on the League they’ve managed to reach.

How to dress up a dinosaur?

This feature becomes available at Level 19. It is started by finding a flyer during an excavation mission. After returning to the Park all the pens will have a housing built inside them. Tap each housing to begin dressing up the dinosaurs from that pen.

Select the dinosaur you want to dress up by tapping on the Left/Right arrows. Next, select the item category from the top shelf, then select the item to purchase.

Dinosaurs carry their items into battle, so your opponents will see them.

What are Totems and how to get them?

Totems are permanent rewards for releasing Level 6 dinosaurs into the wild. Totems provide a parameters boost during Arena Battles.

To release a dinosaur your pen needs to be filled with dinosaurs of each level (1 to 6). Only then can you release a 6th level dinosaur. Once your pen is full tap on the label with the name of the dinosaurs and then tap on “Release”.

Be aware that it will reduce your popularity index a bit. In exchange you will get Gems and a Totem.
It’s possible to have up to three Totems.

What is the Wheel of Fortune?

Once in a while your park is visited by a Wheel of Fortune. You will find it near the main entrance to the park. Have fun and, most importantly, good luck! 🙂

Who is Kevin?

Kevin is a regular Crazy Dino Park visitor and a dinosaur lover. You can meet him dreaming about the prestigious crown, the prize of Sky Battle. Sometimes you need to save him from trouble when he accidentally falls into a dinosaur pen.

Why are some dinosaurs grayed out?

Sometimes you may encounter a dinosaur that is grayed out. It may happen during the Battle Arena or when visiting a park of your friend. It means that this dinosaur has not yet been unlocked in your game. It may be a completely new dino or higher level than those in your own pen.

PvP Battles

Why a dinosaur can cause more damage than expected in PvP battles?

If a dinosaur caused more damage than expected, it means that the dino was in fury mode. Fury mode is enabled when the player manages to hit that tiny blue area in the progress bar. Works both ways of course!

Why did the slower dinosaur attack first in Battle Arena?

When one of the dinosaurs fighting in a team falls in battle, the remaining fighter gains a one-time speed boost to perform a counter-attack. This effect is marked by sparks coming out of the dinosaur’s feet.

What is a Friendly Battle and how can I play one?

Friendly Battle is basically an arena battle with your friend. To start a Friendly Battle, you need to make sure your friend is on your ranking list. Tap on the “RANKINGS” icon and select the “FRIENDS” tab (leftmost). If your friend is not there, you need to add them first.

If your friend is on the list and available for battle, you’ll see a green dot next to their nickname and score. Tap on your friend’s name to open the “INFO” window. Next, tap the “FIGHT” button and wait for your friend to accept the challenge. Once the challenge is accepted, you can get your dinos ready for a fight!

Please note that to start a Friendly Battle, both you and your friend need to open the rankings menu at the same time. Look for a green dot, next to your friend’s nickname and score, to check if they’re available.

What is the Shield button in the Battle Arena?

Instead of just attacking, your dino fighters can now defend from enemy attacks. Each action your dionsaur takes can be either an Attack or a Defense. You can mix them during your turn. Defense is performed just like the Attack – by tapping a button in the right moment. If a Defense is successful – the damage taken from your opponent will be reduced.


I didn’t get my order!

Orders usually deliver instantly, but may take longer. When such delays occur, it means the purchase is still being processed. There is no need to try purchasing the same item again – it should arrive soon!


If you still haven’t received a purchase made more than 24 hours ago, please contact iTunes support. All payments made toward the game are processed by Apple. You can reach them right here. If your order has been properly processed by the AppStore but you have not received your gems, please contact us at


If you still haven’t received a purchase made more than 24 hours ago, please contact us at and make sure to provide your order reference number that has been sent to you via email by Google Play.

What are Limited Time Offers?

Offers are sets of various resources (coins, gems, etc.) offered at profitable prices. You can buy them for real money.

How to avoid accidental purchases in the game?


You can find detailed instructions on how to prevent accidental/unauthorized in-app purchases here:


To avoid accidental purchases in the Google Play Store, please follow these steps:
  1. Access the Google Play Store.
  2. Enter the “Settings” menu.
  3. Look for “User Controls” and activate “Use password to restrict purchases”.
  4. Enter your password and tap confirm when finished.
  5. Any subsequent in-game purchase after changing your settings will require your security password.

Contact Us

How can I report a bug?

We do apologize for inconvenience! Please use this Contact Form to reach us out. Make sure to include all the important information that can help us resolve your problem, such as: your device model name, OS version, description of the problem and steps to reproduce it. It’s also worth adding if the problems occurs 100% times or randomly and include any other observations that could help us to reproduce it. Thank you!

How to contact us?

We try to answer common questions with our FAQs, so please take a moment to browse these helpful articles. If none of this applies to your case, reach out with this Contact Form.


My game crashes!

1. Firstly, please make sure that your phone meets the game system requirements.
2. The device may be overloaded if too many applications are running. Close all launched apps, restart your device, and relaunch the game.
3. Make sure you use the latest version of the game.
4. Check if your device software is updated to the newest version.

If you’re still experiencing problems, please contact us with a detailed description of your issue.

Unstable Connection

If you’re having connection problems while playing, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you’re connected to a network and your connection is stable.
2. If you’re using mobile internet, try switching to Wi-Fi. We recommend using Wi-Fi or 4G/5G as they offer a better connection.
3. Try restarting your device and reloading the game.

If these steps didn’t help, open another app to check your connection. If the problem persists, it is most likely related to your internet connection rather than the game. In this case, we recommend contacting your internet provider.

If the problem only occurs when you’re playing our game, please contact us.

How to restart the game?

Sometimes it’s necessary to restart the game. To do a proper restart, please choose your OS and follow instructions below: