How can I use explosives?

Dynamite is a very effective tool to get more bones out of every expedition. To use a stick of dynamite, you need to purchase the explosive trailer in your hangar. Every trailer has 20 dynamites – once you use all of them, you need to purchase another trailer. Dynamite can blow up neighboring rocks, making every expedition more effective. To use dynamite, drag-drop it to an empty field and see how it blows!

The other way to detect precious bones is radar. Put it on one of the rocks and observe how the waves will show the exact spot where you can find the bone. It’s an effective and less destructive method.

Use your dynamites and radars wisely! The price of the explosive trailer and detection machines will go up by 1000 coins after each purchase. Use dynamites and radars only as a support tool when you think it’s really needed!