Park economy (gems, coin, prices)

Why is my ticket booth not generating any funds?

If you launch the game after a while and see no coins to be collected in your ticket booth, it probably means that you are offline. You need to be online to receive funds that have been accumulated while your game was not running. Also, some timers (for hatching eggs, expeditions, upgrades, etc.) will not count if you play offline. We highly recommend playing the game with an internet connection!

How to enlarge the TREASURY and coin bar?

The coin bar represents the capacity of your treasury. If there is something that costs more than you can gather, it means it’s time to upgrade your treasury level!

Remember, expanding your ticket booth isn’t enough to increase your coin bar capacity. Go to the location with the hatchery (egg incubator), treasury, and others. Please tap on the TREASURY (it looks like a safe box) and choose the update button.

How can I get more gems?

You can buy them in the shop, earn through in-game objectives, complete daily quests or find on the excavations. Whatever you do, please remember that gems are very valuable resources so use them wisely!

How to break the Piggybank?

Chipped gems from the excavations are being fixed in Piggybank’s belly. Once you have at least 150 gems collected, you can break the Piggybank and get all of them. To do it, you need to purchase a special in-app in the shop menu of the game.

How to play in mini-game?

This feature appears when you meet unique conditions, and it’s a random character. We can reveal that the game may appear if you develop your park and reach level 25. Perhaps the gameplay will help you in times when you barely make ends meet.