PVP Battles

Battle Cards

Battle Cards are your best friends in Arena Battles. Use them to enable special abilities during the fight. Some cards work on all dinosaurs participating in the battle while others affect only your creatures. Use your cards wisely as each card can only be used once. You can use up to 3 cards in a single battle. Battle Cards can be found on Remote Expeditions or won in the lottery.

Why a dinosaur can cause more damage than expected in PVP battles?

If a dinosaur caused more damage than expected, it means that the dino was in fury mode. Fury mode is enabled when the player manages to hit that tiny blue area in the progress bar. Works both ways of course!

Why did the slower dinosaur attack first in Battle Arena?

When one of the dinosaurs fighting in a team falls in battle, the remaining fighter gains a one-time speed boost to perform a counter-attack. This effect is marked by sparks coming out of the dinosaur’s feet.

What is the Shield button in the Battle Arena?

Instead of just attacking, your dino fighters can now defend from enemy attacks. Each action your dinosaur takes can be either an Attack or a Defense. You can mix them during your turn. The defense is performed just like the Attack – by tapping a button at the right moment. If a Defense is successful – the damage taken from your opponent will be reduced.

What are Totems and how to get them?

Totems are permanent rewards for releasing Level 6 dinosaurs into the wild. Totems provide a parameters boost during Arena Battles.

To release a dinosaur your pen needs to be filled with dinosaurs of each level (1 to 6). Only then can you release a 6th level dinosaur. Once your pen is full tap on the label with the name of the dinosaurs and then tap on “Release”.

Be aware that it will reduce your popularity index a bit. In exchange, you will get Gems and a Totem.

It’s possible to have up to three Totems.

What is a Friendly Battle and how can I play one?

Friendly Battle is basically an arena battle with your friend. To start a Friendly Battle, you need to make sure your friend is on your ranking list. Tap on the “RANKINGS” icon and select the “FRIENDS” tab (leftmost). If your friend is not there, you need to add them first.

If your friend is on the list and available for battle, you’ll see a green dot next to their nickname and score. Tap on your friend’s name to open the “INFO” window. Next, tap the “FIGHT” button and wait for your friend to accept the challenge. Once the challenge is accepted, you can get your dinos ready for a fight!


Please note that to start a Friendly Battle, both you and your friend need to open the rankings menu at the same time. Look for a green dot, next to your friend’s nickname and score, to check if they’re available.

What are Seasons?

Seasons are periods during which the players participating in online Battle Arena are ranked against each other on the Leaderboards.

With the beginning of the first Season, all the players have their trophies reset to 0 and are awarded a corresponding number of gems. This way all players can enter Seasonal leaderboards with equal chances.

Once a Season is over, the accumulated player’s trophies will be halved and, again, the player will be rewarded with gems, based on the League they’ve managed to reach.

Why are some dinosaurs grayed out?

Sometimes you may encounter a dinosaur that is grayed out. It may happen during the Battle Arena or when visiting a park of your friend. It means that this dinosaur has not yet been unlocked in your game. It may be a completely new dino or higher level than those in your pen.