Technical issues

How to securely store my game progress?

Your progress will be automatically stored in the cloud after logging into Google Play Games in your device options.

How to restore or sync my game progress?

Have you reinstalled the game? Changed your device? Are you playing on two devices? It may happen that you need to restore or sync your game progress.


The game progress is restored after logging into THE SAME ACCOUNT AS PREVIOUS on Google Play Games. When you reinstall the game and log in to THE SAME ACCOUNT AS PREVIOUS on Google Play Games, your actual progress should appear automatically.

To do this, go to the “My Profile” section, tap on the icon in the right upper corner, and choose “Settings”. Click on the “Log in” option and log in to the same account as previous.

How can I report a bug?

We do apologize for inconvenience! Please use this Contact Form to reach us out. Make sure to include all the important information that can help us resolve your problem, such as: your device model name, OS version, description of the problem and steps to reproduce it. It’s also worth adding if the problems occurs 100% times or randomly and include any other observations that could help us to reproduce it. Thank you!

How to restart the game?

Sometimes it’s necessary to restart the game. To do a proper restart, please follow the instructions below:,news-21281.html


How to change national flag in Arena battles?

It is not possible to change the national flag manually, but we take the regional settings of your device and display the national flag according to that. It may vary depending on your operating system version but as a general rule on iOS it’s the region and on Android, it’s language selection.

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