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COTD General Gameplay


Lures help you catch certain fish. You get the first bait automatically after catching 10 fish of a given species. After selecting a specific fish bait, you will increase your chances of catching not only the desired fish, but also the bigger ones. Each bait can be upgraded to a higher level after obtaining the […]

How to use bait?

You can buy lures in the shop on your island. To use a Fish Bait, select the bait next to your inventory, and before casting the line, throw it anywhere in the water. This will cause a fish to appear on the surface, allowing you to fish there. Please keep in mind that the effectiveness […]

How do you catch fish?

Fishing is easy. The best way is to find a shool of fish. You will recognize it by the traces of fish in the water. Wait for the fish to appear and cast your rod in front of the outline of the fish. Wait for it to nibble and once the float is submerged press […]