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COTD General Gameplay

Why doesn’t the fishing rod fit in my backpack?

There are three possible reasons why the fishing rod doesn’t fit in your backpack. First, you might not have allocated enough space for it. Ensure you have cleared enough room in your inventory to accommodate the rod. Second, the issue could be that you haven’t organized your inventory to have three slots arranged horizontally, which […]

What is Clan Battle?

Clan Battle is a unique feature that allows players to team up with friends and compete against other clans in thrilling fishing competitions. To take part in the exciting competition, you first need to create your own clan or join an existing one. Once you’ve established a clan, you can invite friends to join and, […]

Which rod to choose?

Wooden Rod – This traditional fishing rod is made of natural wood, which gives it a unique charm and style. A great choice for beginners. Fiberglass Rod – This fishing rod made of fiberglass is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for catching larger fish in deeper waters. Carbon Rod – This fishing rod made […]

What do numerals I-XII represent in the Fish Info?

Each fish species has certain months in which they are most active and able to be caught in larger sizes. This information can be found in the bestiary, where the months are listed next to each fish species. Remember that not all fish will be catchable year-round, so check the guide before planning your fishing […]

How to change national flag?

You can manually select a flag by navigating to the game options menu. We strongly recommend that you carefully consider your choice, as this decision is irreversible once made.

How to earn free Gems?

There are many ways to get free Gems. 1) Get rewards from completing quests and making achievements. 2) Fill Daily Achievements. 3) Participate in Tournaments. You can get Gems as rewards. 4) Watch rewarded videos to earn free Gems

What is Karma?

“If you put good into the world, good comes back to you”

How does the day and night cycle work?

The game features a Day and Night cycle which can affect some fish, creatures and monsters. Night time starts at 8:00 PM and continues until 4:00 AM your local time.

How do I find more wood?

The wood floats on the water both in localization and near the marina. If you collect all wood, it is worth waiting another day, as the sea current will undoubtedly bring more resources. There are also rumors that some individuals have caught pieces of wood while fishing.

How to catch Legendary Monster!

Monsters are extremely rare and hard to find. They often change their feeding areas and appear at different times. Before catching a monster is worth collecting tips from the NPCs and getting unique bait for monsters. Spread bait over as much surface as possible. Thanks to this, you have a better chance to see the […]