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How to find my Player ID

Go to “My Profile”, tap on the icon in the right-upper corner. You will find your Player ID in the down-right corner. For example: #2a-bcd3-45ef.

Price of the pot

There are no standard rules to increase the price of your artwork. Every time it’s estimated by the advanced calculation process made by our AI system, which determines the final result by taking into account many variables. Often, even very similar works will differ in price.

Why can’t I finish QUEST

To pass QUEST, you should receive a minimum of 4 stars for all the pot’s parameters, such as height, width, color, and type of brushes. Only then will appear OK-tick button in the upper right corner to start the process of burning. Try to refine those elements, and for sure, you will finish this task […]

My profile & Showroom

Your current creations are shown on the “My Profile” screen. You can also see who follows you and the artists you are following. “Showroom” is a unique space where you can showcase your best creations. Other artists can visit your showroom to admire your work. For the Showroom, we can only use the saved works […]


A community portal is a great place to publish your art and see creations from other artists. It’s a fantastic way to seek inspiration, make friends, and compare your skills!

Achievements and player level

You are awarded XP points for making and selling pots, completing quests, and getting likes from other players. The new content in the game is unlocked based on the number of XP points. To find out how many of them you need to unlock another level, tap on your name in the “Home” menu, or […]

Ingame currency

You can earn coins by selling pots or completing quests. Coins can be used to buy a wide variety of clays, colors, patterns, extras, and backgrounds in the shop – all to create even more amazing ceramics.

Quests & Challenges

To seek inspiration and improve your skills, we advise you to solve quests. Quests are an excellent opportunity to earn coins and gain XP points necessary for unlocking new content. Once a week, a challenge is held in the game. When it’s on, you’ll notice it on the main screen. Challenges are theme-based competitions with […]

Taking a photo, selling & publishing

To take a photo of your pot, select the background (if you have more than one in your inventory) and rotate the pot left-right to get the best angle. When you are done, tap on the OK-tick button and take a photo! Next, you’ll have the opportunity to sell your pot immediately or make it […]

Modelling and burning pots

To create a pot, you need to form it from clay. You can choose a type of clay if you have more than one in your inventory. When your pot is ready, tap on the OK-tick button in the upper right corner to start the process of burning.