Category: Pottery2-device

How can I create the AR pot and expose it in reality?

To create the AR model of your favorite pot, go to the My Profile and Your Pots tab, choose the needed artwork, and tap on its picture. Then find the AR icon in the left upper corner. Choose the best surface and slowly move the device. If you see the white circle, it means that […]

How to check the progress of my task?

If you need information about the progress of your XP tasks, tap on the XP bar near the profile picture. There you will find a complete list of your tasks with actual progress. If you have trouble passing one of them, you can focus on others available on the list.

What’s the difference between the VIP and educational versions of the game?

The VIP account gives you access to the rarest and exclusive patterns, extras, clays, and new content reserved only for VIP players. You can access a new showroom and store your artwork without limitation, even 1000 pots, by choosing a subscription. Like in the educational version, you don’t need to watch advertisements, but you have […]

How to create the collections?

Collections it’s a new way to expose your best creations!  How to use it? It’s easy. Tap on the banner #CollectionWeek. You can find it in the “Home” tab, above Daily quests banner. Choose your most amazing, unique set of artworks, and show it to the community. You can submit only two sets during the […]

How to restore or sync my game progress?

Have you reinstalled the game? Changed your device? Are you playing on two devices? You may need to restore or sync your game progress. Remember, uninstalling the game, just like restarting progress, will cause loss COINS. The game progress is stored after you log INTO THE SAME iCloud account. When you reinstall the game and […]

How to get the VIP subscription?

VIP subscription is available in the game options. Go to the “My profile” section and tap on the icon in the upper-right corner. Then choose “Subscribe.” There you will find weekly, monthly, and yearly options. The VIP account gives you access to the rarest and exclusive patterns, extras, clays, and entirely new content reserved only […]

How to change my profile picture in the game?

Your avatar is downloaded from Google or Facebook account. You need to change it on the account where you are logged, and then it should refresh and appear in the game. Go to the “My profile” section, tap on the icon in the upper right corner and go to “Settings”. Tap on the “Log in” […]

How to change my name?

To change your name in the game, go to the “My Profile” section and tap on the icon in the right corner. In options, choose “Change name” and type your unique nickname. Remember, you can do it only once. 

How to find my friend in the game?

To find your friend, go to “My Profile”, tap on “Following,” and then go to “Find Friend”. You would need Player ID of user, who you want to find.