Excavations, Race of Explorers, and Team Challenge

How can I use explosives?

Dynamite is a very effective tool to get more bones out of every expedition. To use a stick of dynamite, you need to purchase the explosive trailer in your hangar. Every trailer has 20 dynamites – once you use all of them, you need to purchase another trailer. Dynamite can blow up neighboring rocks, making every expedition more effective. To use dynamite, drag-drop it to an empty field and see how it blows!

The other way to detect precious bones is radar. Put it on one of the rocks and observe how the waves will show the exact spot where you can find the bone. It’s an effective and less destructive method.

Use your dynamites and radars wisely! The price of the explosive trailer and detection machines will go up by 1000 coins after each purchase. Use dynamites and radars only as a support tool when you think it’s really needed!

Race of Explorers

Race of Explorers is a special event that will be held occasionally and can be unlocked by all the players that are at least at level 40. The availability of the event can be checked by looking at the helipad in the park. Once available, Race of Explorers sends players to a remote island where they all participate in a search for the bones of the exclusive creatures. The island is pretty small – be quick and collect the bones before other players!

What are the circular waves in the Race of Explorers?

That’s your bone detector indicating a bone is nearby. A small circle means the bone is one tile away (also diagonally) from the place you’ve dug in. A large circle means the bone is two tiles away.

Use triangulation to better determine the exact spot.


Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a time-limited event that promotes teamwork in reaching certain goals. To start a challenge you need to join an existing team or create a new one. To join a team – type its name exactly in the “Team Name” field (case sensitive). To create your own team – type in a unique name and invite your friends by sharing your team’s name. Changing teams or team names is not possible during a challenge. Inviting friends from within the game is currently not possible. Please use your messaging app, text or email.

Remember! The Team Challenge lasts 24 hours!