Park and guests

How to find more VIPs?

As your park is getting more popular you may notice that VIPs are visiting your park. Quickly find them and add them to your collection! You’ll also receive some coins as a reward.

PRO tip: those special events with VIPs are more likely to happen when you are low on coins.

What is the Wheel of Fortune?

Once in a while, your park is visited by a Wheel of Fortune. You will find it near the main entrance to the park. Have fun and, most importantly, good luck!

Who is Kevin?

Kevin is a regular Crazy Dino Park visitor and a dinosaur lover. You can meet him dreaming about the prestigious crown, the prize of Sky Battle. Sometimes you need to save him from trouble when he accidentally falls into a dinosaur pen.

How to play in mini-game?

This feature appears when you meet unique conditions, and it’s a random character. We can reveal that the game may appear if you develop your park and reach level 25. Perhaps the gameplay will help you in times when you barely make ends meet.