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Crazy Dino Park General Gameplay

How to start a crazy disco party?

Every weekend you can amuse your guests with a fantastic party. Wait till DJ arrive, and tap on his console. Every weekend is a new music style!

How to use the trampoline

The trampoline helps increase the strength, speed, and endurance of your dinosaurs. Tap on it, and choose a dinosaur to boost. When the workout is started, you can speed it up by using gems or watching ads. When it is finished, your dinosaur is powerful for a limited time.

How to play in mini-game?

This feature appears when you meet unique conditions, and it’s a random character. We can reveal that the game may appear if you develop your park and reach level 25. Perhaps the gameplay will help you in times when you barely make ends meet.

Where to find the Wawel Dragon?

Dragon Wawel can be acquired during the special “Race of Explorers” expeditions. The event is available when you see a helicopter on the helipad. It’s usually available twice a week for 18 hours. Wawel Dragon is one of the creatures that can be found on those expeditions.

How to upgrade your dinosaurs?

To create an upgraded dinosaur, you need to merge two dinosaurs of the same kind and same level. To do that, tap and hold on one of the dinosaurs, slide your finger over the other one, and release your finger. Done! You’ve just created a new, upgraded dino.

Why are some dinosaurs grayed out?

Sometimes you may encounter a dinosaur that is grayed out. It may happen during the Battle Arena or when visiting a park of your friend. It means that this dinosaur has not yet been unlocked in your game. It may be a completely new dino or higher level than those in your own pen.

Who is Kevin?

Kevin is a regular Crazy Dino Park visitor and a dinosaur lover. You can meet him dreaming about the prestigious crown, the prize of Sky Battle. Sometimes you need to save him from trouble when he accidentally falls into a dinosaur pen.

What is the Wheel of Fortune?

Once in a while your park is visited by a Wheel of Fortune. You will find it near the main entrance to the park. Have fun and, most importantly, good luck! 🙂