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Crazy Dino Park General Gameplay

How to hide a gift in your friend’s Dino Park?

First, you need to visit your friend’s Dino Park. To do this, go to the leftmost screen (BATTLE ARENA) and tap on the “RANKINGS” icon (the golden goblet). Tap on the “FRIENDS” tab and select the friend you want to visit. From the window that popped up, tap on “VISIT” button. At the bottom right corner, […]

What are Totems and how to get them?

Totems are permanent rewards for releasing Level 6 dinosaurs into the wild. Totems provide a parameters boost during Arena Battles. To release a dinosaur your pen needs to be filled with dinosaurs of each level (1 to 6). Only then can you release a 6th level dinosaur. Once your pen is full tap on the […]

How to dress up a dinosaur?

This feature becomes available at Level 19. It is started by finding a flyer during an excavation mission. After returning to the Park all the pens will have a housing built inside them. Tap each housing to begin dressing up the dinosaurs from that pen. Select the dinosaur you want to dress up by tapping […]

What are Seasons?

Seasons are periods during which the players participating in online Battle Arena are ranked against each other on the Leaderboards. With the beginning of the first Season, all the players have their trophies reset to 0 and are awarded with corresponding number of gems. This way all players can enter Seasonal leaderboards with equal chances. […]

How to visit a friend’s Park?

To visit your friend’s Dino Park, go to the leftmost screen (BATTLE ARENA) and tap on the “RANKINGS” icon (the golden goblet). Select the “FRIENDS” tab and select the friend you want to visit. From the window that popped up, select the “VISIT” option. Please note that the state of your friend’s Park may be […]

Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a time limited event that promotes teamwork in reaching certain goals. To start a challenge you need to join an existing team or create a new one. To join a team – type its name exactly in the “Team Name” field (case sensitive). To create your own team – type in a […]

Battle Cards

Battle Cards are your best friends in Arena Battles. Use them to enable special abilities during the fight. Some cards work on all dinosaurs participating in the battle while other affect only your creatures. Use your cards wisely as each card can only be used once. You can use up to 3 cards in a […]

Race of Explorers

Race of Explorers is a special event that will be held occasionally and can be unlocked by all the players that are at least at level 40. The availability of the event can be checked by looking at the helipad in the park. Once available, Race of Explorers sends players to a remote island where […]

Dinosaur missing from a pen?

From time to time you may notice that there is a special, unexpected event in the Park. For example the dinosaur may be on the loose or human can fall into the pen. Act quickly and don’t get distracted, find the missing dino or rescue the human visitor and you’ll be rewarded with coins.

How to find more VIPs?

As your park is getting more popular you may notice that VIPs are visiting your park. Quickly find them and add to your collection! You’ll also receive some coins as a reward. PRO tip: those special events with VIPs are more likely to happen when you are low on coins.