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Crazy Dino Park General Gameplay

How can I add a friend to my list?

To add a friend to your list, please ask for their PlayerID. The PlayerID is displayed at the bottom-left corner of the settings menu and looks like this: #aa-aa11-11aa. Once you have your friend’s PlayerID, open the “RANKINGS” menu (the golden goblet on the Arena screen) and select leftmost tab. Tap on the “+” icon […]

How can I get more gems?

You can buy them in the shop, earn through in-game objectives, complete daily quests or find on the excavations. Whatever you do, please remember that gems are very valuable resources so use them wisely!  

How to change national flag in Arena battles?

It is not possible to change the national flag manually, but we take the regional settings of your device and display the national flag according to that. It may vary depending on your operating system version but as a general rule on iOS it’s the region and on Android it’s language selection.

Why some dinosaurs have different colors?

Some dinosaurs can have different colors. Those are very rare, epic kind of dinosaurs that can only be acquired through a hatched egg. You can’t combine the epic dinosaur with an ordinary one, but you can obviously combine two epic dinosaurs with each other. Epic dinosaurs are stronger and better! ๐Ÿ™‚

How can I use explosives?

Dynamite is a very effective tool to get more bones out of every expedition. To use a stick of dynamite, you need to purchase the explosive trailer in your hangar. Every trailer has 20 dynamites โ€“ once you use all of them, you need to purchase another trailer. Dynamite can blow up neighboring rocks, making […]

How to enlarge the TREASURY and coin bar?

The coin bar represents the capacity of your treasury. If there is something that costs more than you can gather, it means itโ€™s time to upgrade your treasury level! Remember, expanding your ticket booth isn’t enough to increase your coin bar capacity. Go to the location with the hatchery (egg incubator), treasury, and others. Please […]

Why is my ticket booth not generating any funds?

If you launch the game after a while and see no coins to be collected in your ticket booth, it probably means that you are offline. You need to be online to receive funds that have been accumulated while your game was not running. Also some timers (for hatching eggs, expeditions, upgrades etc.) will not […]

How to break the Piggybank?

Chipped gems from the excavations are being fixed in Piggybank’s belly. Once you have at least 150 gems collected, you can break the Piggybank and get all of them.ย  To do it, you need to purchase a special in-app in the shop menu of the game.